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soyouz [folklore moderne]        
2, rue du travail

74000 ANNECY


landline: +33 (0)4 50 51 46 84

e-mail: mail at

  We are a booking agency based in France, by the shores of Lake Annecy, at the border with are sweet neighboors of Switzerland and Italy, a lovely situation and a good view on Europe.


Part of that, Finnish blues from the moon, Jewish-Yemenite pop stars, Japanese video-drumming, Dutch punk folklore, Swiss alternatives, British ninja orchestra,  South-African electronic and other Columbian UFO's are all aboard of our ship.

Created in 2002 after some years of existance under different names and formats, Soyouz [folklore moderne] was launched for a long travel over the alternative of world musics. A lots of incredible bands mixing roots, folklore & modernity were passing through the Soyuz, names such as:

 De Kift, The Ex & Getatchew Mekurya, Kampec Dolores,

Už Jsme Doma, God Is My Co-Pilot, Schneider TM, Firewater, Zu, Omar Souleyman, Daniel Johnston, Architecture in Helsinki, Shangaan Electro, D.V.D, Mujeres, Trupa Trupa, Homelife,

Marko Haavisto & Poutahaukat, Hell's Kitchen, Spaceheads,

Aldous Harding, Zea, Think Of One, Marrakech Emballages Ensemble, King Champion Sounds, This is The Kit, Fantazio, Elysian Fields, Gogol Bordello, Zun Zun Egui, The Evens, Pere Ubu, Nina Nastasia, Nomo, Zita Swoon Group, Coming Soon, Anne-James Chaton, Arlt, Silent Block, Nomo, Zea, Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed, Messele Asmamaw & Asnake Gebreyes, P.O.S, John Butcher, Han Bennink, Hisako Horikawa, Wilf Plum, Za!, Télécran, Ill Ease, Iva Bittova, Capush, Okmalumkoolkat, Fabio Viscogliosi, Eric Mingus, Velma, Yo La Tengo, Cornershop, Kimya Dawson, Angelo Spencer, Les Chevals, Sofiane Saïdi and a few more artists...

By the way, thanks to them all !

Today, we have extended and settled a solid network over France, Switzerland and most generally over Europe in coordination with a good bunch of crazy booking partners from Belgium, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Nerderlands, Polska, Portugal, Spain, UK...  Hi to all !

Till the frontiers of the infinite world we will keep going travelling and discovering new sounds of today and share them.

                                                                     Your cosmic team.

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The French 25 Year of The Ex Convoy Tour

Legendary 25 Years anniversary of The Ex Convoy tour, November 2004.

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