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Porto, Portugal

booking: Europe

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After the organic and eclectic record that was “Enza”, Throes + The Shine are back with the brand new single "Hey!”, that represents the first taste from their upcoming new album “Aqui”. With a sound that blends eastern melodies, courtesy of the Armenian duduk flutes that unctuate the composition, with the visceral electronic kuduro beats that hail from Angola, this new single delivers wallops of energy and fiery tension that’s amplified by the featuring of Preto Show, a bonafide Angolan kuduro star.
This is a match made in heaven, that delivers a ferocity that we feel in the studio and that will come alive on stage. We can expect plenty of more high octane tracks when the album comes out this spring. Throes + The Shine are back, and they are back with an hunger for dancing crowds that they need to satiate.

Three years after their last record “Enza”, Throes + The Shine are back with a brand new album. “Aqui” is the name of this new work, which stands for “Here” in Portuguese, and that’s what the last decade has proven to the band, that this is the place where they want their lives and souls to be in. This place is the constant urgency to evolve, to mix cultures and to feed their productions and the stages where they play with an energy that is both
liberating and confrontational. After starting the project in 2011 and releasing four records that always strived for evolution, that went from a blend of punk-rock and kuduro
to a much more polished and global electronic sound, the trio decided to concoct an album that would blend all of these years of experience producing vastly different albums and playing

hundreds of shows into a lean and mean project, an album that would represent who they are and what they strive for artistically. With most of the tracks focused on the African and Latin electronic dance music heritage, this new record will be a fiery catalyst and a provider of extra fuel for the already high octane shows the trio has been delivering all around the world for the last decade.
The new evolution of Throes + The Shine has arrived and they’re sounding better than ever.


Né de la rencontre improbable du rock noisy de Igor Domingues et Marco Castro (Throes) et du kudoro Mob Dedaldino (The Shine), le résultat est un cocktail explosif de rythmes hyper-dansants, entre le zouk, le hip-hop et l'électro, le tout tabassé par des guitares et claviers saturés. Cette collaboration augure un nouveau genre : le rockuduro. La fusion électrisante de la musique expérimentale aux riffs rock anglo-saxons des Throes, alliée aux sonorités angolaises des jeunes de The Shine, donne au groupe un jeu gagnant, convaincant, et fait déjà vibrer les clubs et les festivals internationaux. Une énergie scénique à couper le souffle qui ne laisse personne indifférent. L'un des projets les plus frénétiques et passionnants que le Portugal ait jamais connu.


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