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The release of AMMAR 808’s debut album “Maghreb United” on Glitterbeat Records in 2018 gained international acknowledgement and success with more than 100 shows worldwide.  This time AMMAR 808 sets sail on a new challenging adventure in the region of Tamil Nadu in South India, with the eclectic electronic album “Global Control, Invisible Invasion”.
Since the beginning of time, man looked up to the stars as home of the divine or a higher force, a mythological angle from where AMMAR 808 has decided to look at the origine of certain ancient phenomenons: all before launching his musical imagination towards an uncertain future of humanity.  
A future where there is a secret race to a global control through an invisible domination and power.  
Through the countless ancient texts and Hindu Epics, humanity was dominated by living gods that intervened with the mortal population from their round shaped flying disks and witnessed legendary sky battles. The sci-fi is real, listen carefully… The 33 million gods of India infuse the belief system with a richness and complexity which in the same way extends to the music and dance.
Through this trip AMMAR 808 has connected with different traditions in the hope to unveil hidden dimensions of the meaning of one of the most ancient phenomenons:  
As long as humanity can remember, there was always a hierarchal structure of power, that legitimised itself through fear, power or devotion. Indian Epics do raise a serious questions : are we still invaded ?  How do we recognise it ? Through time global control has been shifting from a shape to another, hiding in plain sight : monetary system, governments, religions, and according to Hinduism, Reality itself ! Questions that AMMAR 808 chose to tacle through a Futuristic interpretation of the Hindu ancient tales. The ambience of the album is built around AMMAR 808’s strong sense of intricate details and offers a new perspective of electronic music in a stimulating relationship with musical traditions that dates back thousands of years.  Improvisation is the soul of Carnatic music and together with local musicians and singers, AMMAR 808 has interpreted a unique composition for each track represented in the album. The tracks tanguer from the energetic street theatre performances to the melancholic and deep velvet smooth female voices, all in accompagnement with traditional scopes of percussion.
The album elegantly embodies a physical and emotional expression that entrances the listener with its intriguing upbeat rhythms.
Album Release world wide for September 2020 on Glitterbeat Records